InBody Analysis

mobile body composition analysis

Whether the goal is to lose weight or gain muscle, the InBody allows coaches to customize your training and nutrition program to reach your goals faster!

DEvelop a long-term nutrition strategy

Change Your Lifestyle habits

Create Personalized Plans


Take your weight loss and fitness management program to the next level and learn about your specific, unique body.


With the Segmental Muscle/Fat Analysis, the InBody outputs the exact amount and location (right/left arm, trunk, right/left leg) of lean muscle mass and fat distribution, giving you exact starting points to track your progress and begin developing the body you want.

Cost: $75 per scan

Includes a results consultation with a certified sports nutritionist 

Why get body composition testing?

Use body composition analysis to stay motivated and reach goals. Body composition testing allows you to track fat decrease and muscle mass increase over time. These changes can't be tracked with a regular scale.

Find out if you're 'Skinny Fat.' Skinny doesn't always equal healthy. 'Skinny Fat' is a term used to describe those people who are thin, yet have more fat and less muscle than recommended. These people have the same health risks as those who are considered obese. Knowing your body composition can help you understand health risks and spur you on to take the actions necessary to prevent sickness and certain diseases.

BMI doesn't tell the whole story. Really, it's just a ratio of height and weight that determines if someone is underweight, normal or obese. BMI doesn't factor in muscle or fat mass, however, and can be an inaccurate representation of someone's health. 

Muscle fat analysis

basal metabolic rate

Segmental Lean Mass

Body composition changes

Make the connection between Weight, Skeletal Muscle Mass, and Body Fat Mass and start developing a personalized plan for each individual.

Understand how many calories an individual naturally burns at rest to develop a unique nutrition plan based on their activity level and personal health goals.

Get an in-depth analysis of an individual’s lean body mass. Evaluate if an individual has a sufficient level of lean body mass in each segment of the body (arms, legs, and trunk) and spot any imbalances between the limbs.

Track changes in Weight, Skeletal Muscle Mass, and Percent Body Fat over time. Spot trends and make timely adjustments to keep your clients headed in the right direction.

preparing for the inbody scan


  • Do not eat or exercise for 3-4 hours before testing

  • Ensure access to both feet with removable footwear and socks

  • Do not drink caffeine on the day of your test and be well hydrated

  • Do not shower or sauna immediately prior to test

  • Avoid putting lotion on hands and feet before testing

  • Individuals with pacemakers or other electronic devices should not use the InBody


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