The TEAM Behind Rebel Living

Liz Smith

Founder, Director of Program Development


PN1 Certified

Board-Certified Holistic Health Coach
Certified ISSA Personal Trainer

Reiki Practitioner levels 1+2

My health journey didn’t begin until much later in life. 33 to be exact. Growing up I loved sports and tried plenty of them, from swimming and gymnastics to competitive dance, but nothing ever sparked a passion, and to be honest, I was pretty clumsy.

As I got older exercise came and went but I still had no real passion for anything I tried. In 2014, my mother suddenly and unexpectedly passed of a massive heart attack.

AI looked up to my mom, she took stellar care of herself exercising religiously but lacked one certain thing that could have saved her, proper nutrition. She may have looked perfect on the outside but the exercising just wasn’t enough. After a year of ups and downs from this loss, I gained quite a bit of weight and my body felt horrible.  In 2015 my sister introduced me to Crossfit and I finally found something I loved and was good at.  After a year of working as hard as I could and not seeing much change, I realized my nutrition was the next on my list and that's when it all clicked.

I took it one step further, enrolled in a nutrition coaching program, and made it my mission to be an example to my 3 daughters and anyone who thought it was too late to make a change.


Corey Berger

Founder, Director of Coaching



Personal Trainer

Nutrition Coach

Corey Berger’s athletic drive has always been a big part of his life. His athletics journey started in high school and college as a track athlete but were cut short to a knee injury. But this wasn’t going to stop him. Looking for something to keep him moving he was introduced to Crossfit and quickly progressed in the sport getting himself into the games. So it’s no surprise that nutrition has played a huge role in his performance. 


A two time Crossfit Games Athlete and CF-L1 trainer, Corey has developed extensive knowledge of macros and nutrition and has made it his mission to help others in their journey of this lifestyle upgrade. With the demand for more one-on-one support with his own clients, it was no surprise that creating this partnership would benefit both Corey and Liz's clients.