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  • Do I need to be local to join your program?
    No, we've had great success working with clients from all over. In order for us to get your individual macronutrient calculations we'll just have a few extra questions for you to get you started. You will still have all the support our local clients get.
  • Do I need to count calories and macros forever?
    No, obsessive and constant counting calories and macros is not a healthy or sustainable long term approach for most people. Counting macros is a tool to help you get to your goal and learn how to properly fuel your body. Once you've reached your goal you can easily maintain your eating habits by eyeballing proper food intake.
  • Can I eat whatever I want as long as it fits my macros?
    Yes! One of the amazing things about macros is you don't have to deprive yourself of the foods you love. BUT, we do want you to learn to flood your body with nutritious foods and still be comfortable with having your favorite foods once in while.
  • How will I know what I should be eating?
    Our program offers individual coaching to help guide you through making proper food choices. Once you officially start the program your coach will be guide you and educate you on where these macros come from.
  • Do I need to keep a food diary?
    Yes. You will be logging your food in My Fitness Pal on a daily basis. Your coach will check in on your progress a few times through out the week to make sure you're hitting your macros.
  • Do I need to be an athlete or gym goer to join your program?
    Not at all! Flexible dieting is for everyone! Our program is custom and built around your level of activity and your goals!
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