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Nutrition Audit


Investigating where you are and building the foundation for who YOU want to become.

What is the Rebel Nutrition Audit?

We’ll analyze your 7-day detailed food diary as well as review all of your current supplements and movement routine (aka exercise, training, or lack of). You’ll get a full report with all the information you need to take action towards your goals.

Who is this for?

If you’re a self-starter, then this is the perfect option for you. Sometimes it just takes a professional to review your current diet and offer suggested changes. 

If you have a health goal in mind and are having trouble meeting it or knowing if what you’re currently doing is right, then a Nutrition Audit is the perfect solution.

Perhaps you can’t lose those last 10-pounds of fat. Or you're looking to add on some extra muscle but can't seem to progress. Or, your blood sugar and blood pressure are sneaking up and you want to manage them with a natural approach before starting a medication.

Maybe you want to switch to a plant-based diet and are unsure if you’ll be able to meet your nutritional needs.


Our audit will help determine what the best next steps are and how you can implement them immediately.


Your nutrition audit provides you with a comprehensive, personalized report on how to improve your diet and movement routine to better reach your health goals.



  • First, you'll fill out our detailed intake form.

  • We’ll hop on a call to review your intake form and get crystal clear on your goals.

  • You'll log a  7-day detailed food and movement diary.


Then, we’ll put together the following information from your report:


  • Calorie, fluid, and macronutrient (e.g. carbohydrates, protein, fats) recommendations for weight loss, gain or maintenance 

  • Tweaks to your current meals and snacks.

  • Movement recommendations from our PT and Movement specialist

  • Recommendations for healthy convenience products and easy recipes based on food preferences/lifestyle 

  • Suggestions on improving poor eating habits

  • Nutrients that may be lacking in your diet and ways to include them via food or supplements

  • Suggestions for better quality products and/or tips on dosing to achieve desired results

  • Additional products to consider using to help reach your health goals with the science to prove their safety and efficacy  

Ready to get started?

Your personalized report is all yours for $297 (Normally $597)

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