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BBQ Season Survival Guide

There's usually two responses we hear about BBQ season, either "I'm going all out no questions asked", or "This is an ultimate disaster waiting to happen". We're here to tell you, there's an easier way, and no that doesn't mean ditching those weekend parties.

Take these tips and tuck them away, you're in for a full season of BBQ macro success.

1. Bring a healthy dish: Think about your favorite part of a BBQ, is it the booz? the desserts? the snacks? Whatever your favorite is, bring that. 

2. Go lean: CUT THE FAT, Look for lean cuts of meat and just make sure to pass on the cheese and marinades. If you're in for a burger, who knows whether their lean or not, so your best bet is to hold off on anything that will add in extra fat.

3. Booz your way: Pass on the mixed drinks and beer, instead opt to bring your own. Some ideas: Seltzer water + lime and your booz of choice, mimosas, white wine or champagne sangria. One of our fav's... La Croix.

4.  Skip the bun: Opt out of those hamburger buns, if you've brought a salad or they're serving one, either add that meat to it or grab some lettuce and create your own wrap.

5. Eat before your leave: Instead of starving yourself to indulge in the unknown, eat before you leave. This way, you're less likely to binge and make mindless choices.

6. Slow down: Your mind is way ahead of your stomach, slow down and check in every so often. Mindless eating is a recipe for disaster.

7. Don't forget to track: Do you really care what people might think?

Most likely, they wish they were as disciplined as you. So don't be shy and track those foods.

8. Plan ahead: Finally planning ahead is always key, even when you're not going out. If you've left room for the typical BBQ dishes you're that much closer to meeting those goals.

What are your favorite healthy BBQ dishes? Comment below.