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Client Stories

Talia Fromm


Before joining the MacroShred program my biggest struggle was portion control and not having a basic understanding of macronutrients' importance in performance. I usually found myself getting frustrated with the amount of work I was putting in and the lack of physical results/changes I would see in my body. 

I would yo-yo between great days and weeks to really bad days with binge drinking and eating. Now, I plan what I'm going to eat and it aligns so well with my training schedule, which aids in my overall race and training performance/results.

I enjoy planning my meals and I am also very interested in knowing the types of nutrients each type of food contains. I can have days where I enjoy unplanned meals and snacks without worrying about whether or not I'll be able to get back track. My life has changed in that my daily nutrition is easy to manage and it has become second nature to cook and prep my own food. My portion control is very under control.

Nicolette Donovan

Crossfit Games Regional Athlete

Before finding MacroShred I found that my energy levels were low. I didn't have enough energy for training or studying and I was losing focus. I'd have mid day crashes where I just wanted to sleep. 

My new nutrition plan helped me refuel my body after training and it gave me enough energy to focus. 

I now feel more energized and lean.

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